In 1981, Hurlen Corporation opened as a small minority owned business in Santa Fe Springs, California. Today, our company owns and maintains multiple warehouse facilities in southern California and Florida. Our raw materials and aerospace metals specialists have extensive product and industry knowledge in defense, commercial aviation and space industries. Warehouse and quality assurance staff are fully certified and experienced with proper handling, processing, packing and shipping of raw materials. Hurlen Corporation and Kenig Aerospace have received numerous awards and global recognition from the largest aerospace companies. Hurlen/Kenig Aerospace is owned and operated by Jay Hurtado (CEO) and Emily Mountcastle (President).

Jay Hurtado, CEO/Owner

Jay Hurtado


Emily Mountcastle, President/ Owner

Emily Mountcastle

President/ Owner

Glenn, General Manager

Glenn Kusumi

General Manager

Tomi Hurtado, Vice President

Tomi Hurtado

Vice President


Linda Hurtado


Shelby Boyd

Quality Manager/Hurlen

Javier Chavez, Warehouse Manager/Hurlen

Javier Chavez

Warehouse Manager/Hurlen

Allison Weldon

Quality Manager/Kenig

Judy Morey

Production Manager/Kenig